People First Through Better Education
As a scientist and professor, Buck has seen the challenges faced by educators and students alike. Surviving a plane crash even the FAA called “un-survivable,” education gave him a sense of purpose.

Buck wants to return the United States to having the best education system in the world, and the first step is to add more teachers. By adding more teachers and having smaller class sizes in primary and secondary schools, he passionately believes that students can have a more individual, empowered learning experience.

People First by Paying a Higher Minimum Wage
Our workers need a “survival” minimum wage of $11/hr. which will allow them the time and room for further education, technical training, and apprenticeships for a lifetime of higher earnings.

People First by Bringing More Jobs in the Fourteenth Congressional District
Buck has gathered a collaboration of experts to draft a proposal to bring a Federal Desalinization Plant to the area. It’s believed that the plant could bring thousands of new, high paying jobs to the area. Let’s put people back to work while protecting our access to fresh water and providing water to three million thirsty Houstonians.

People First by Supporting Individual Rights
It is time to trust people’s decisions. As your congressman, Buck will fight for the rights of all people. He trusts Texas Women to make all of their informed health care decisions with their physician.

Buck supports Marriage Equality acts and will work to protect the rights of gays and lesbians in the workplace and elsewhere. It’s time to support sensible immigration reform. Through time, immigrants have helped make this country great, and as a leader in congress, Buck will work for passage of the Dream Act, providing a pathway to citizenship for children who have grown up in the United States, even though their parents were illegal immigrants.

As someone who was mentored by Patch Adams, Buck has seen the necessity of a comprehensive health care package. He’s committed to a pursuing a health care system which work as simply as Medicare for all.

People First by Being Prepared
Hurricane Ike devastated thousands of lives, and Buck supports programs to keep you and your family safe, including programs like the “Ike Dike” or levy systems. It’s time for fair flood and hurricane insurance rates.

People First by Paying a Fair Total Tax
It’s time to make the playing field equal with a Fair Total Tax. CEOs should not pay a lower percentage of total tax than do his employees.