Flint Water Disaster Could Occur Everywhere, Anytime

Flint water is deemed not drinkable. Are you prepared? Do you believe it could not occur in your community? The people of Flint, Michigan did not think it’d happen to them. But it did.

The residents are shown pictures of brown, dirty looking water. Lead won’t be physically observable in your water, you will not understand till it’s too late, it is there.

For those who have a Multipure Aquaversa water filter the probability of the lead effecting you as well as your family is tiny.

There have been reports the filters that are provided to residents of Flint free of charge aren’t reducing the lead content to a secure amount. The provided filters are certified to manage lead up to 150 parts per billion. Water is measuring levels at over that.

Did the lead get into the water supply in Flint? To be able to conserve cash, well, to put it simply, quit getting their water provided by them and the city council of Flint voted to cut ties with the Detroit. They were to join a recently formed Karegnondi Water Authority, who were constructing a pipeline to get water from Lake Huron to replace it. This pipeline wasn’t built yet. It was slated to finish in 2017. Detroit quit selling water to Flint and found out about their strategies.

The city was left with no public water supply.